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Flight Galley Checklist: Ensuring Smooth In-flight Service

Did you know that the average commercial aircraft galley is meticulously designed to maximize space efficiency, often resembling a high-tech puzzle where every component serves a vital role in delivering inflight meals with precision?

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover the captivating world of aircraft galley checklist and management, unveiling the meticulous details that ensure a seamless inflight experience. From innovative space-saving designs to the intricate logistics of meal preparation, explore the fascinating elements that guarantee passenger satisfaction at 35,000 feet.

Final Galley Checklist

On Ground:

  • Obtain the meal and equipment checklist from the catering agent.
  • Check all galley appliances for serviceability.
  • Review galley handover form from previous crew.
  • Provide catering meal count to supervisor.
  • Notify of any discrepancies found in catering handover.
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  • Ensure all service equipment is loaded (menu cards, headsets, amenity kits, child activity packs).
  • Ensure air chillers are on.
  • Place meal and bar carts.
  • Line galley sink with J-cloth.
  • Prepare ground service requirements (refreshing towels, etc.).
  • Place alcohol drawer.
  • After takeoff (if applicable), remove the top two rows of trays.

After Takeoff & Inflight:

  • Switch off air chillers for first meal service.
  • Load meal carts.
  • Brief the crew on how carts are loaded and the menu description.
  • Prepare for the next sequence of service.
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  • Heat crew meal or extra meals (if applicable).
  • Prepare trays with water, juices, and soft drinks.

Keep the Galley Area Clean and Tidy:

  • Maintain minimum noise level.
  • Ensure air chillers are switched on.
  • Reload the ovens for the second meal service.
  • Inform supervisor when service is completed.
  • Ensure air chillers are on if there is a second service.

Embark on your journey equipped with the knowledge of aircraft galley checklist and management, understanding the meticulous efforts behind every inflight service. With these insights, you’re ready to appreciate the unseen complexities that contribute to a truly memorable flying experience. Here’s to smooth skies and satisfied passengers on your next adventure!

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