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Adhoc Services & Crew Rest Explained: Essential Briefing

Discover the essential functions of adhoc services and crew rest, integral to maintaining seamless operations and ensuring passenger comfort throughout every flight.

Adhoc services in airline operations are non-standard tasks performed as needed, based on specific circumstances or passenger requests. These services ensure flexibility and responsiveness, enhancing passenger satisfaction and addressing unforeseen situations during the flight.

Adhoc Services and Crew Rest Briefing

Meal Service:

  • Plan the last meal service to be completed 15 minutes prior to TOD.
  • Ensure ice cream or movie snacks are offered as part of the refreshment service.

Customer Interaction:

  • If hosting the galley, interact with customers and recruit PCM (Privilege Club Members).
  • Do not ignore call bells since other crew might need help during meal service.
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  • Organize and stock necessary ingredients for cocktails or beverages.
  • Ensure sufficient supplies of condiments, garnishes, and accompaniments for meal service.

Crew Rest Briefing:

  • Provide a proper briefing and hand over to the crew responsible to take over before proceeding to the crew rest area.
  • Brief the crew member on SPML (Special Meals), extra meals, and customers who received or reserved a meal.

Before Landing & After Landing


  • Clean and dry all galley equipment.
  • Empty ovens, fridge, and ice drawers.
  • Soiled disposable drawers to be unfolded and placed inside meal carts.
  • Gash all empty alcohol bottles in waste bins.
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  • Return equipment to its original stowage.
  • Casseroles should be back in the meal carts.
  • Secure all galley latches.
  • Ensure bar carts are closed and documented.
  • Check all bar carts are padlocked and sealed.
  • Return all unused seals to FWD galley.
  • Return all service equipment to original location/stowage.

Switch Off & Secure:

  • Switch off all galley appliances.
  • Seal all ROB (Remaining On Board) carts and containers.

Crew rest briefing and careful galley management are vital components ensuring a smooth flight experience for passengers and crew alike. By adhering to these protocols, airlines uphold their commitment to safety, efficiency, and passenger satisfaction throughout every journey.

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